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This inspiring showcase was held at the “Union Rescue Mission” in downtown Los Angeles, CA.    The youth residents of the “Union Rescue Mission” showcased their talents with the community.  Caring Ministries aim is to provide an avenue for youth to share their talents regardless of financial hardship.

Give-away sponsored by Whole Foods Market 3rd St. & Fairfax. 

Celebrity Host

  • Alphonso McAuley

  • Harry J. Lennix

  • Camille Winbush

Created by Laval Belle, directed by Sharon Hogg, Celebrating Youth is a platform for youth ages 5 – 19 to acknowledge and inspire their peers through positive and uplifting live stage performances.  Celebrating Youth travels across the country exposing this experience to youth in under-served and rural communities creating a spirit of excitement and hope.  

This lively production blends a professional multi-ethnic group of young artists and those stepping onto the stage for the first time making a unique opportunity one that provides a sense of empowerment and profoundly influences their mental approach to life.  Audiences from all backgrounds support this event leaving some venues with standing room only.   

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