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Laval W. Belle

An extraordinary example, Laval W. Belle, highly respected musician, author, playwright and Minister stands sound in leadership stature. Native of St. Louis, Missouri, Belle began cultivating his gifts and talents as a young boy and success has rightly favored him.


As an author, Belle has penned many provoking books entitled, "Your Gifts Are Not Your Purpose", "Man, How Many Children Do You Really Have?", "Why I Don’t Pay Tithe", "Your Dreams and Visions", and "Heritage" The Book.


Pastor Belle received his ministerial training and taught courses at West Angeles Church Bible College and was ordained an Elder by the esteemed Bishop Charles E. Blake. He was also a staff instructor at Bethes de Christian University in Los Angeles, CA.


In 2000, Belle founded the non-profit organization, Caring Ministries, a ministry dedicated to serve and meet the needs of all people. As a teacher and minister, Belle speaks to audiences throughout the country, motivating youth and adults through inspirational dialogue in seminars, conferences, prisons, small groups and congregational services.


Pastor Laval Belle is an accomplished musician, recording artist, and the owner of Noah's Ark Publishing Service. 


Happy Birthday Pastor Belle

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